Spaanse Kubus


Corporate identity



Spaanse Kubus is a multi-company building in the Spaanse polder. The building was not one of the most beautiful buildings in the Rotterdam area, to say the least. However, its height and history made it a striking building. It once served as a warehouse for the Firma Ter Meulen Post. This company was closed in 1993 and since then the building has had various functions.

The building is large and spacious but, as said, is not one of the “prettiest girl” in the class. It was therefore once considered to proceed with demolition. However, the large infinite square meters prove to be of great use. That is why the building has been renamed Spaanse Kubus. Plans for step-by-step renovation began at the beginning of 2019. Before Jim Roses got involved in the project, the exterior consisted of large purple, gray and yellow areas.

Jim Roses designed the vision for the new look. The building was completely repainted in off-white and provided with the new logo. Subsequently, the typography and corporate identity were applied in the interior. These elements were then also used for the new website