Jims Roses helps your business to accelerate

We can help you discover your unique brand values, come up with a clear brand story and develop all the necessary branding materials. We deliver:

Company names

We come up with an original company name.

Logo design

We design professional logo with color scheme.

Corporate identity

We use the designed logo to build a strong and consistent corporate identity.


We build an efficient website that is built around the corporate identity with a view to conversion.

Content creation

Jim Roses helps a company to create their content. We help with writing texts, illustrations, photography and graphic design.

Branding consultancy

Are you just looking for good advice on your brand issues? Jim Roses can help you find a unique brand position that can be turned into a profitable strategy.

Video marketing

Are you just looking for good advice on your brand issues? Jim Roses can help you find a unique brand position that can be turned into a profitable strategy.

Social media

We believe in the power of social media channels. We choose the best social media channel that matches your brand message. We focus on your target audience and come up with advertisements that make an impact.

Creative concepts

We develop our own concepts and take care of the promotion. These labels support us for various commercial objectives. Examples are its own art and education initiative.


Jim Roses is an advertising agency with roots in marketing, graphic design, and advertising. We use these skills to help companies become stronger brands. Our clients are ambitious startups with potential and small but very potent companies that are tired of being average. Together we look for what makes them unique. We then work with them on a brand story to forge a strong brand message.

What is the mission of your company?

When you ask a company why they do what they do, you notice that they find this a difficult question. Usually, they will then rattle up the mission statement of their website. It is also not surprising that companies cannot give a clear answer to this question. The market used to be much clearer and there were fewer competitors. It was therefore not that complex to distinguish yourself as a company, because the word shoe store or cleaning company in a company name was enough. Nowadays, distinctiveness is necessary because there are dozens of competitors besides your company who do the same. To know how you can distinguish yourself as a company, you need to know who you are and especially who you are not.

Choose to be chosen

Distinctiveness starts with making choices. Think of the Zeeman and the Score. De Zeeman has a clear proposition when it comes to price, quality, and image. The Zeeman stores have a cheap appearance. The shops are packed, and the a-romantic fluorescent light is shining. This is also allowed, because the customer consciously chooses the Zeeman if he is looking for a good item of clothing and does not want to pay too much for it. The Score serves the higher segment and sells clothing at reasonably high prices. Here, too, the customer will be able to make a clear choice. Stores like Miss Etam and Steps are formulas that went bankrupt because they ended up in a kind of gray area. They were ultimately meat still fish because they no longer had a clear target group and no brand proposition. Names such as well-known Dutch companies like: V&D, Kijkshop, C1000 and the Edah also fit into this list. All retail formulas without a clear proposition and where it was noticeably hard to find. As a company, therefore, first start by choosing your position by answering the question: why do I do what I do? Then choose what you don’t want to be. For example, if you sell fish, you can say: my fish is fresh and healthy! But everyone who sells fish will say that too. Suppose you say: we sell an organic farmed fish to promote a healthy lifestyle and a better environment. There is a good chance that a customer will choose your fish over a fish from other fish farmers purely because of your distinctive view of the same product.

New branding

When we have found, together with your company, what makes your company unique, a new brand message can be started. This is followed by the design phase of new brand communications. Think of a (new) logo, slogan / payoff, and other marketing material.

Start relationships with your desired target group

The best brands are the brands that people feel connected to. Apple is one of the best and clearest examples of a brand with a dedicated fan base. Apple’s customer experiences an almost religious experience when he opens a box with a brand new Macbook pro. Apple has managed to build strong relationships with their customers without massive mass advertising. This has been achieved by clearly positioning itself in a niche and by focusing on innovation and user-friendliness. Therefore, never try to convince your customers by telling them that your products are the best. Be authentic and start sharing your core values first. Then customers will tell themselves that your products are excellent. Jim Roses can assist your company in establishing relationships with your desired target group by putting together the right message, shape, color and medium.


Then you have to understand the art of promoting yourself effectively. Where in the past you could suffice with an advertisement in a quality magazine, that kite no longer applies today. Today, advertising has evolved in a digital war zone. Everyone tumbles over each other to get the audience’s attention. But how do you do this? Call us 😉

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