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Jim who?

Jim Roses is an advertising agency whose mission is to help companies with their branding to create tighter relationships with their customers. We are convinced that every company is a brand, even if it is a start-up. A strong brand starts with finding distinctiveness. We do this by going back to the drawing board together with our customers to get to the core of their brand values. We ask ourselves the question: why does this company do what it does and what values ​​does this company adds to the market? Then we try to understand how these affect the target customer. When this is out of balance, we restore this balance and build clearer brand values ​​and find what sets the company apart from their competitors.

What he does?

Jim Roses helps companies with branding by offering practical solutions in the field of brand experience, image, brand awareness and growth. We start by making a blueprint of the current state of the company. After this, we design visual brand expressions and provide online solutions. We help companies in these three areas:

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